Monday, December 19, 2011

Water Street Studios
January 27th - May 12th

my piece "Whisper", 30"x30", acrylic on canvas

You can see more photos of the show on the Water Street Studios Facebook Page.
Also, here is a couple of articles about the show: Glowing work at Water Street's new gallery
Illuminate at Water Street Studios


In January I will be showing my work in a solo exhibition titled "Small Worlds", at the Oesterle Library Gallery, at North Central College in Naperville. This will be the first time I'll be showing ceramics work alongside my watercolors.

Saggar fired globe vessel, 4" diameter x 5" high

I have been interested in working with clay since my earliest childhood, and had the opportunity to experiment with the medium more extensively in my sculpture classes during grad school, where I was able to built portraits and human figures, as well as animal figures from clay. But for the last few years my interest was mainly in creating smaller scale vessels. I guess the reason for that lies in my childhood memories.
An old potter lived a few houses from my grandmother's, and while visiting her I always insisted to be taken to his shop, to watch him work. He made all sorts of vessels on a wheel and I was observing the transformation of clay with fascination. Just like drawing and painting; clay seemed to be a magical medium - one capable of transforming from just an amorphous lump to something beautiful.
The little vessels I will be exhibiting in this show are all hand built, and similarly to the philosophy I hold with paintings, here as well I try to create works that embody a sense of intimacy and quiet presence.

Another interesting show I just got accepted to is "Illuminate", a group show at the Water Street Studios in Batavia. This show will explore light in all of its forms. It will run from January 27 - May 12 with the opening reception on January 27th, 6-10pm.

Here is the announcement for my "Small Worlds" solo show, and here is a little more about the "Illuminate" at the Water Street Studios.

Voyage, 12"x12", watercolor/ink on paper

Whisper, 30"x 30", acrylic on canvas