Saturday, December 28, 2013

 New Year, New opportunities

As the year is coming to a close I am filled with hope, and I eagerly await all new that is to happen in 2014. I always look at the new year as if I were looking at a path in front of me full of opportunities; never with nostalgia or regrets for the time passed.

"Voyage Beginning" 1 and 2, watercolor on paper 12"x12"

 The end of 2013 has been especially abundant for me; I got to visit my sister and her family in New Haven, CT for Thanksgiving; they recently moved back to the States after living in Germany for the last six years. It was a lovely reunion especially since my parents where there too. After visiting my sister they came here to spend some time with us, over Christmas and New Year.
While in New Haven, I got a chance to make a quick trip to New York and meet with Debra Marcoux, Gallery Director at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts Gallery that is showing my work. I was thrilled to check out this wonderful space, and now feel even more confident that I am in great hands and in great company!

Another big change for me and my family at the end of 2013 is moving to a new place - a house in St. Charles, where we will be much closer to Zarko's work at Fermilab as well as my studio. I am looking forward to having more time and commute less.

Moving is a big task, but also filled with joy and excitement. What makes me really happy is our new large back yard with gorgeous tall trees, and I am already imagining gazing at rows of cosmos and cleome flowers while I am painting some fresh watercolor sketches and sipping ice tea ;-)

Not forgeting that this is my art blog after all; my 2014 is starting with a solo show at Governors State University at the end of January, and I am dedicatedly preparing for this exhibit, but more about it in my next post...

Until then, Happy 2014 and may it be a glorious year for us all!