Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Floating Passage"
Solo Exhibition at the Governors State University
University Park, Illinois
January 21-March 28, 2014

Wednesday, February 26th is the opening reception of my solo show at the Governors State University.
Over twenty of my recent watercolors are currently on display in three locations on campus as a part of the Art on Campus Program.
The reception will take place from 5-7pm at the E lounge. There will be a tour of the exhibit starting at 5 pm, followed by my slide presentation and talk, at 6pm.

Governors State University campus is also a home of the beautiful Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park which presents an impressive collection of large scale contemporary sculpture. 

Trail to Arcadia, watercolor and ink on paper, 2013

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I AMerican
Water Street Studios. Batavia, IL
Jan 24th - March 30th 2014

A selection of my ceramic vessels is currently on view at WSS as a part of an exciting exhibition titled "I AMerican", curated by Sergio Gomez. The exhibit aims to explore the intricate meaning of being an American from the eyes of a variety of artists of diverse cultural experiences.
My here exhibited vessels are a fraction of larger body of work united under a single title "Gathering". These pieces are deeply rooted in my reminiscence of childhood, and the place of my hometown Vinkovci, in Croatia, where I used to spend weekends at my grandparents house. To me these vessels are both a connection to my childhood and homeland, as well as in a way, a recreation of the time past. 

The city where I was born, Vinkovci, in Croatia, is rich with archeological findings. Many of these are intricately engraved ceramic vessels from the Vučedol culture, one that resided there from 3000-2200 BC.  Additionally, down the street from our house lived an old potter whose entire garden was covered with masterful and simple vessels. I remember often watching him work and procuring some clay to play with. My everyday exposure to these various ceramic objects – the ones I saw in the museum and the ones from down the street alike, created in me a sense of continuity, and connection with the soil.
Once I had moved to the United States, eleven years ago, these childhood memories started becoming more vivid and a sense of broken connection replaced the previous feelings of continuity and familiarity.
For me the act of creation of these small vessels, very primal and intimate, as well as the process of their accumulation, evokes my childhood, and is a reflection of an underlying search for reconstitution of what is familiar and comforting.