Thursday, April 08, 2021


Olson-Larsen Galleries, Des Moines, IA 

April 9, 2021-May 22, 2021

Tomorrow is the opening of "Dreamland" at Olson-Larsen Galleries in Des Moines, IA.

This will be my first time to exhibit with the gallery, and I am excited to show twelve of my watercolors, from several of my series, in a group exhibition with five artists: Jillian Dickson, Naomi Friend, Jane Gilmor, Jeanine Coupe Ryding and Ken Smith.

 "Dreams are ephemeral and elusive. Much like washes of watercolor, words in a passing conversation, moments caught on film, and nearly endangered species. The artists in Dreamland are dealing with fleeting feelings, shapes, colors, ideals, ambitions, and strength through their individual expression– all coming together to create one sweet dream."

(by Olson-Larsen Galleries) 

 Pictured above top to bottom: Origin Cloud, 56"x55", watercolor on paper, Origin Cloud, 56"x55" watercolor on paper and Blush Nebula, 35"x55" watercolor on paper*


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