Friday, February 11, 2022


solo exhibition at 

Geneva Center for the Arts 

January 14 - February 18, 2022


 It was a great start to a new year, putting up a solo show, and breaking up the dull winter months with a larger project like this. 

I was invited to have the inaugural solo show of the Geneva Center for the Arts, here locally in Geneva, Illinois, US, where I live (not to be mistaken with Geneva, Switzerland ;-)

The newly opened center is a lovely space. The first time I visited, I knew it would be a beautiful place to exhibit my work. The organic feel of the polished concrete floor, newly painted walls, subdued grey ceiling and large windows with lots of natural light all felt very inviting. 

Plus, being a rather solitary creator and an introvert by nature, I felt, especially during this long period of pandemic, it is a great time to connect with the local community. My work has always had a deep connection with a sense of serenity and beauty, and I feel we all need those in our lives right now.

I chose work from several of my series of watercolors, as well as a smaller selection of my "Gathering" ceramic installation. 

With a limited number of people allowed in the space at a time, the opening reception was remarkably well visited; about 75 people came in throughout the night, and instead of 6-8pm, it went on until after 9pm. This was by far my biggest social event since the start of the pandemic. I was hesitant about an "in person" reception at first, but was in the end quite happy with the turn out, seeing so many friends I've missed seeing, some of whom drove for a while to get here and see the show.

Sharing my work always feels great. Not everyone needs to be blown away and taken by it, and that is never my wish, or any kind of goal. I have been an artist for all my life and know very well that the only true value is in doing your most sincere work. So sharing is not 100% easy, but most people who come to an opening are genuinely interested and curious about the art, its evolution and its creator. I always feel the feedback I receive is an invaluable gift.

I also had a fantastic opportunity to share about my work with Natasha Ritsma, PhD, Director of Schingoethe Center at Aurora University during an Artist Talk. I posted an abridged version of this talk and it can be viewed here:


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