Friday, May 09, 2014

                                                  BEING TRUE (to myself)

While dreams, no matter how real they might feel, can show themselves false, and even leave me disappointed; while things I say or do might get an unexpected response (or better yet - no response); I am always at ease when I throw myself in work of creating, as this is my haven, my shelter, my constant, and it never, ever fails me.

I am not saying there is anything bad with occasional disappointment; I understand that it might be really good for building character, and might on occasion make one even feel very wise.. it's just that I like feeling happy so much better.

I guess the only thrill that comes easy,  stays true, and never fails me is when I make things, when I make something new, and my own. Then the whole world is mine and I am a part of that whole, and I don't need anything else.
I am happy just being me.

   "Arcadia Cloud", watercolor, 18"x24"


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