Saturday, July 11, 2020

Three Summer 2020 Exhibitions

Announcement for the summer exhibit at gallery 1871, on view now through September 5th, 2020

As the summer is passing in such a very different way than any summer before, just like everybody else right now, I am reflecting on what is behind, and what in front of me.

Image from the gallery 1871 exhibition with five of my watercolors

My gut reaction to the general instability and uncertainty of this time is to try and weather the storm the best way I can.
Honestly, I continue being active with my art practice as if I am holding on for dear life. I can sense my instinct is at high alert, reminding me of the turbulent time of war during my teenage years in Croatia. Thankfully, the art proves to be my haven every time when the going gets tough, and presents itself as something secure and stable I can rely on. It helps me cope with the present, tremendously.I have to mention that I am lucky to have such a great support from the three galleries that represent me.
That being said; today is the opening of the three-artist summer exhibition at Gallery 1871 in Chicago, where I have over a dozen of large scale watercolors, all elegantly framed.

Above: current exhibition at  gallery 1871, my three Origin watercolors on the left, Elise Morris canvas on the right

Above: gallery 1871, my Blush Nebula left and my two Origin Aqueous watercolors in the back, right

This is my debut with the Chicago Art Source's gallery 1871 and I am simply thrilled with this new representation, here in Chicago. 

One of my Origin pieces is on the announcement poster on the building's facade (image above), and it feels fulfilling to see it from the street, a sense that this calming image hopefully for a moment brightens up a gaze for so many passersby.

In addition to this three-artist exhibition in Chicago (featuring works by Patricia Finley, Elise Morris and myself), my work is also right now on view at Walker Fine Art in Denver, in "Power and Fragility" : a six artist exhibit that explores the bold and powerful, as well as the delicate and fragile aspects of nature (featuring works by Tonia Bonnell, Patricia Finley, Jane Guthridge, Allison Svoboda, Zelda Zinn, and myself).

Migration, 24"x36", watercolor and burn marks on wood panel

At Walker, I am showing my recent Migration series on wood panels. You can see a brand new video from the Curator's Insights series, with the gallery owner Bobbi Walker presenting this body of work here.Migration, 2020, 24"x26", watercolor and burn marks on wooden panel*, now on view in "Power and Fragility" at Walker Fine Art, Denver CO.
My large scale Origin watercolor is also right now in the online exclusive exhibition "Transparent" at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, and it can be acquired directly through the gallery website here.

Origin, 95"x55", watercolor on paper

Lastly, I would like to end this note with a sincere hope that you are somewhere safe and healthy, that we all push through this challenging time, and that every cloud must have a silver lining.


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