Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Walker Fine Art in Denver
"Enchanted Garden" exhibition

Last year, I started the Dark Bloom series. There are probably several unconscious reasons that lead to this series, and what is atypical about it is that it has distinctly botanical features. I feel like I am always expressing myself in the realm of abstraction because it comes most naturally to me. And this series also, "came naturally to me", though a bit out of my typical character.

I was always deeply intrigued by the life of plants. In Croatia, my home country, I went to a biology-focused high school, and then, in college, I studied horticulture for a couple of years, before finally enrolling in art school. 

I must admit I get the most thrill when working with soil and plants in my vegetable and flower garden at Fermilab, in a community plot my family and I have been keeping up for many years. The feeling of excitement when I am in my garden is only matched by my art practice.

Like life, and like gardening, painting is not fully controlled. There are actions that are planned and there are actions that happen spontaneously. Painting, as well as gardening, is an intimate conversation. 
The series of paintings, titled Dark Bloom, arose inspired by the interesting shapes of the dry plants my son collected on our walk, inspired by the love of plants, and by the memory of my dad, and my time spent with him; always looking at nature and always being amused and curious about it.

The vitality of painting in this series took a shape of plant-like forms, almost as a wish to breathe vitality and life to what's impermanent, a continuation of the everchanging and self-renewing cycles of life.

 *Dark Bloom series pictured above, all 40"x25.75" on Arches


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