Friday, August 08, 2014

Moving on to new challenges... 
As I am about to start working on a big commission of three huge watercolors, I am in the process of retracing my steps of painting on a more typical paper format (e.g. 22"x30", the one you can see me working on in these photos), and rehearsing the choreography for this exciting and somewhat extravagant dance I am about to perform (this time on a scale of 55"x93"!). 

 That is more then seven times bigger than what you can see in the photos here.

I like to compare my process to a choreographed dance, where at the same time I know exactly what I am doing, yet I am also being surprised by the flow of paint and its very fast and unpredictable "will".
 Watercolor is not a forgiving medium, as it cannot be painted over with new covering layers; like it is the case with oil or acrylic. 
I think the fact it has "a will of its own" is one of the biggest reasons I love it so much.
I have to conform to the unexpectedness and I have to accept that it can't be reigned completely.
Or at least, the way I see it, if watercolor is relieved of its unpredictable properties, it loses its splendor, its inner life.

So, curiously yet confidently I am throwing myself at this new challenge and can't wait to create, experience, and - witness these new, large paintings.


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