Monday, August 18, 2014

"Trail to Arcadia"
Solo exhibition at Lee. E. Dulgar Gallery
South Suburban College
South Holland, IL
August 25-September 17, 2014

 Trail to Arcadia, watercolor 12"x12", 2013
I am very excited about my new solo exhibition at Lee. E Dulgar Gallery, that opens next Monday, where I will be showing my "Trail to Arcadia" series of watercolors.

 I started this series last year, while visiting a beautiful place from my childhood; Bovec, in Slovenia.
 This mountainous area, where my family and I used to spend many summer and winter vacations is truly enchanting, and each and every time I visit I am astonished by the transcending landscapes; crystal clear mountain rivers, creeks, lakes and waterfalls, whose colors range from light turquoise to teal, deep forests - their ground covered with moss, ferns and all kinds of lush green plants, while the cool air is so crisp and clean, one feels like ones lungs are breathing for the first time! A true harmony of nature.

I titled the series thus "Trail to Arcadia"; Arcadia being a repeated artistic subject since antiquity, both in visual arts and literature. It stands as a synonym for any idyllic location, a place where life is lived naturally, uncorrupted by civilization.
I am often surprised to discover how much of my inspiration is closely connected to my childhood impressions and memories. And though one could say this series is in a way inspired by landscape, it is much more about the "within", about the feelings that this "outside world" evokes to me.


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