Thursday, July 07, 2022


Walker Fine Art Denver, CO 

 May 13, - July 16, 2022

I am thrilled to have six of my new works from the "Reef" series on view right now at Walker Fine Art.

The prominent location in front of the gallery highlights these pieces so well, as they are bathed in daylight, glowing and luminous.

This work ties in so appropriately to my recent (June!) and long-awaited visit to my first homeland Croatia, and its beautiful Adriatic coast, the inspiration for my Reef series.

Below: "Reef" triptych,  80"x40" each,  watercolor on paper

From Walker Fine Art:

"It is fascinating, inspiring, and reflective; it is pure and tranquil while simultaneously tempestuous and forbidding. It is impossible to control, unreliable and marvelously mysterious. It is water, and it is the creative source of expression for the six artists in CASTING CURRENTS. Whether utilizing it as a medium itself, finding inspiration in simply viewing it, or looking to its depths for further meaning, this group exhibition explores the fluidity, symbolism, and representation of our life source.  Join us to explore connections between water and artwork, as well as showcasing our harmonious relationships with the outside world.


Below: "Wondrous Reef" panels, 30"x30" and 36"x48"

...and a few snapshots from my trip to the Adriatic coast ;-)

Arena in Pula
Arena in Pula

Friday, February 11, 2022


solo exhibition at 

Geneva Center for the Arts 

January 14 - February 18, 2022


 It was a great start to a new year, putting up a solo show, and breaking up the dull winter months with a larger project like this. 

I was invited to have the inaugural solo show of the Geneva Center for the Arts, here locally in Geneva, Illinois, US, where I live (not to be mistaken with Geneva, Switzerland ;-)

The newly opened center is a lovely space. The first time I visited, I knew it would be a beautiful place to exhibit my work. The organic feel of the polished concrete floor, newly painted walls, subdued grey ceiling and large windows with lots of natural light all felt very inviting. 

Plus, being a rather solitary creator and an introvert by nature, I felt, especially during this long period of pandemic, it is a great time to connect with the local community. My work has always had a deep connection with a sense of serenity and beauty, and I feel we all need those in our lives right now.

I chose work from several of my series of watercolors, as well as a smaller selection of my "Gathering" ceramic installation. 

With a limited number of people allowed in the space at a time, the opening reception was remarkably well visited; about 75 people came in throughout the night, and instead of 6-8pm, it went on until after 9pm. This was by far my biggest social event since the start of the pandemic. I was hesitant about an "in person" reception at first, but was in the end quite happy with the turn out, seeing so many friends I've missed seeing, some of whom drove for a while to get here and see the show.

Sharing my work always feels great. Not everyone needs to be blown away and taken by it, and that is never my wish, or any kind of goal. I have been an artist for all my life and know very well that the only true value is in doing your most sincere work. So sharing is not 100% easy, but most people who come to an opening are genuinely interested and curious about the art, its evolution and its creator. I always feel the feedback I receive is an invaluable gift.

I also had a fantastic opportunity to share about my work with Natasha Ritsma, PhD, Director of Schingoethe Center at Aurora University during an Artist Talk. I posted an abridged version of this talk and it can be viewed here:

Friday, December 31, 2021



   And here we are, one year is coming to a close and another waiting to unfold.

    What was 2021 like for me and my art practice? My days, as a parent of two still young kids (6 and 11) are always filled with action, and I often need to make decisions and do things quicker than my personal inclination would be, had I the luxury to have it my way. But then again, who has that luxury? I am a slow paced soul, I like to reflect and set aside time at the end of each year to look back and see where I was and where I got.
So here it goes, a shorter version than I might like, but something, nevertheless. And something is better than nothing.
    In spite of the still ongoing pandemic I was happy to participate in two great exhibitions:

I debuted my work with twelve watercolors at Olson-Larsen Galleries (Des Moines, IA) in "Dreamland", a four artist exhibition (featuring work by Naomi Friend, Jane Gilmor, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Ken Smith, and myself, in April and May 2021.)
    ..from the introduction to the show: "Dreams are ephemeral and elusive. Much like washes of watercolor, words in a passing conversation, moments caught on film, and nearly endangered species. The artists in Dreamland are dealing with fleeting feelings, shapes, colors, ideals, ambitions, and strength in one dream.".

    In September/October /November I showed seven of my watercolors in "Winds of Change", another four-artist exhibition (with Helen Gotlib, Ahavani Mullen, Allison Svoboda and myself) at gallery 1871 in Chicago. I love the tranquil feeling of all the pieces in this show. They are, each in its own voice, deeply connected with nature, and are tied with subtle lyricism.

    In 2021 my work was covered in several online and print publications: I was contacted by Mark Walton of the Covert Collective ("a gathering of visual art curators from across Canada, sharing the work of artists they love, and work that inspires them. Digitally platformed and branded as curated. the ad hoc group celebrates the artists and work that makes them think"). Mark discovered my work on Instagram, and was inspired by my pandemic mark making sketchbooks. He wrote a beautiful essay about my work titled "In One Breath".

    In connection to my practice during the pandemic times I was also featured on Hyperallergic's website in "A View from the Easel During Times of Quarantine"

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I got listed on "Women Artists to Watch", among 60 women artists from around the globe. Since Artsy features works by 150,000 artists globally, making it to a list of "60 women artists on the rise" (as Artsy states!), is pretty exciting.

    My work was also published in the "In Her Studio" publication, with a 7-page story titled "Making my Mark". It was fun walking into a nearby Barnes and Noble, picking up the current issue and flipping through the pages featuring my work.

    In November,
during the Giving Tuesday, I decided to put two of my small Origin Aqueous watercolors for bidding on Instagram, in an effort to raise funds for the local Mooseheart Child City and School. I am grateful my artwork has the power to help children in need, and that in just a few hours I was able to raise $750 for a great cause.
    Looking forward to 2022, I already have several shows scheduled (solo exhibition "Inner Wanderings" here locally at Geneva Arts Center in January/February 2022 and a spring/summer exhibition at Walker Fine Art in Denver), with a few others that are in the making.

Lastly; I am truly grateful that another year in my life was filled with what I love doing the most - my art practice. I am ever so grateful to my family, my galleries, collectors, and followers, and all the amazing supporters of my artistic practice. Some of you are making sure I have the time to create, some of you are taking care of the sales, some are passionate about collecting my work, and some of you just inspire me with your acts of kindness - with your words of inspiration and love. Thank you!

Here is to a fulfilling year ahead of us!


"Dreamland" exhibition at Olson-Larsen Galleries (images above)

"Winds of Change" exhibition at gallery 1871 (images above)

Studio Views above- images courtesy of Indigo Skye Photography