Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This summer I exhibited my watercolors in three shows in my home country, Croatia. First was the Triennial of watercolor, a show that opened on July, 7th and is still on view; it started in the city of Karlovac, then traveled to Slavonski Brod and is going to end in Zagreb. Here is the work I exhibited there:

Journey, 12"x12"

Second show was the Members' Exhibition of the Croatian Association of Artists (July13th-August 31th) at the Mestrovic Pavilion in Zagreb:

Want, 22"x30"

and the third The Vinkovci Artists Exhibition (September 16th-September 30th) at the Vinkovci City Museum where I showed these two works:

Journey, 18"x24"

Journey, 18"x24"

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