Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oesterle Library Gallery
North Central College

January 8th through February 15th

Here is a little video of my current solo show at the Oesterle Gallery:

and a link to an article from North Central Chronicle

The title of this exhibition refers to intimate, inner worlds; small worlds of transcendence and quiet contemplation.

For me, making art has always been a search that allowed me to explore both the formal visual elements, as well as my personal feelings, through an intuitive, spontaneous process.
While painting has always been my primary medium, I have also been fascinated with clay from my earliest childhood. An old potter lived a few houses from my grandmother's, and while visiting her I always insisted to be taken to his shop, to watch him work. Just like with drawing and painting; clay seemed to be a magical material - one capable of transforming from just an amorphous lump to something beautiful.

My paintings and ceramic vessels share a common trait; they emerge from a process that is both controlled and accidental. I see this duality in my process as a metaphor for the duality of life. On one side we have the power over certain things, and we can control them, and on the other side there is everything else that we cannot control, that happens on its own.