Tuesday, February 14, 2012

upcoming "Warrenville Inspired" and "Potential Energy"

My "Small Worlds" exhibition at the Oesterle Gallery Library

My solo show "Small Worlds" at the Oesterle Gallery Library closes tomorrow. I was really happy with this exhibition; Oesterle is a wonderful space, and its bluish-grey walls were just the perfect background for my works. I also think it is wonderful the building was open every day, and Monday through Thursday, as well as Sundays it was even open until midnight! Showing my ceramics for the first time was an additional reason why I liked this show so much.
But everything has to come to an end, and then there are the new beginnings...

That being said, I am now preparing for the two juried group shows;
"Warrenville Inspired" at the Warrenville Historical Museum and Art Gallery, and "Potential Energy" at the Fermilab Art Gallery.

Here is the announcement of my work in the Warrenville Inspired Show, and it includes participation of the Warrenville residents...

And the link to announcement of the Warrenville show.

And the link to Fermilab announcement of the Energy show.