Wednesday, July 11, 2012

with its strong and bright light, and bold colors. In this post I would like to share one of my huge passions; my love for gardening. Anything that has to do with it - from just the contact with the soil in early spring, when it is still cold and there isn't that much vegetation, but you feel your connection with earth while preparing the garden for planting new seeds and seedlings and bulbs, to the at first slow and then sudden development of life that emerges before one's eyes, and you can only marvel, in disbelief, all the beauty and wonder of nature. And be in awe, thinking - this is my garden!

   I find so much in common about the activity of gardening and the process of creating an artwork - you have to plan a little, but also know when to let go and "wait"  for the whole story to unfold, almost on its own. So right now, I am certain it is under the influence of my lush garden, I have again delved into my "Dream" series of watercolors, and recovered its path of bolder colors, maybe atypical for most of my watercolor works of the past few years.
So here they are - some of my new "Dream"  (22"x30") pieces..but I also feel a new series will start emerging soon, with some greens creeping in.