Monday, August 26, 2013

Red Hot Red Dot
Art Spree and Silent Auction @ Women and Their Work Austin, TX
September 12, 2013

Like many times in the past, I am again participating in the silent auction at Women and Their Work, a wonderful visual and performing art organization located in Austin, that showcases contemporary art created by women. 
When Zarko and I first moved to the United States, we settled in Austin, and we stayed there for five years. Back then I was a member artist at Women and Their Work, and also had my artwork featured there.
Though we no longer live in Austin, I still feel a connection to this gallery and to Austin, in general; it's still a home to some of our dearest friends, and I hope we'll visit Austin again sometime soon...
Here is the piece that will be at the Red Hot Red Dot auction, September 12.

Origin, watercolor and ink on watercolor paper, 14"x17"

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Here are some of my new works from the Trail to Arcadia series:
all images below: Trail to Arcadia, watercolor and ink on paper