Sunday, March 16, 2014


"Flow", watercolor and ink on paper, 18"x24"

Albert just turned four today and I am looking at him in complete awe. He is so bright, so tall, and I almost want to say - so grown up. I know that tomorrow this moment will already be gone...
Life flows like a river, regardless of our plans, wishes and wants. I feel deep inside it would be wrong and even foolish to try hard to change its course. It is much better to let it flow. 
And this word, flow, captures the essence of what my own art practice is about. It is really about flow (and literally so too, since much of my work is watercolor), and accepting what comes my way while I am creating. 
My work is, well in this stage of my life at least, not about struggle. I do not wish to be concerned with too much planning, strategy, rethinking, overdoing and fighting with my own work. It is about embracing what comes my way, and trying to ride that wave. 
When Albert says something exceptionally bright, or smiles with the brightest glowing smile, those are the moments I cherish the most. But I never know when they will happen, I cannot anticipate them or plan them; he just surprises me.
I feel the same is with creating; I can only be truly excited if I discover something almost accidentally, and then let the notion guide me. It is all about being truly alive in that particular moment. What will come next or what was before is of no importance.
Happy birthday Albert!