Wednesday, April 06, 2016

    I feel the spring coming...

Every spring, I find myself excited about the awakened grass, sprouting plants and budding leaves, as those bright greens just overtake the subdued winter palette. I feel I have been somewhat dormant working in my studio over these past winter months, and now that the bright days are in store, even in the midst of this still pretty cold and rainy weather here in Chicagoland, I am moved by the potential of renewed nature.

Last year was a big one for me, both in my personal life of becoming a parent once again, and in my professional life, as I joined two more galleries; Walker Fine Art in Denver, and Gallery 19 in Chicago. Now being represented by five galleries across the United States I feel honored to have a chance to have my work seen, and hopefully enjoyed, by a large audience.

Gallery 19 will be featuring my work in their group exhibition opening in early June. Walker Fine Art will be showing my work in a four artists exhibit opening in November. I will write more about these event as they approach.

Until then, here are a few watercolors from my current "Flow" series.

*Ana Zanic, images from the series "Flow", 22"x30", watercolor on Arches