Tuesday, December 19, 2017

CLOSE of the year 2017

As 2017 is coming to a close I wanted to wish everyone a happy, inspiring, love-filled, health-abundant and peace-enjoying 2018.

Though I had a great fortune of having my work included in several major shows and created many inspired paintings, 2017 was a challenging year for me. This year I lost my dad, Gvozdan Žanić, who was the most wonderful father, and a truly amazing, inspiring and authentic person. His love and trust in me will always be there to guide me through this journey called life. 
Though my dad's passions lay in science more than art, he nevertheless fueled and encouraged my love for art since my earliest childhood, gave me professional tools as early as I could handle them, and admired my talent and progress. 
His wild interests and curiosity in life were astounding, and he never ceased to be intrigued by the laws of nature. His interests ranged from attempts at solving the Fermat's last theorem, to cheese, beer, wine, strudel and bread making, mushroom growing, beekeeping, sewing, knitting, net making, radio building, chick hatching, clarinet playing, to just name a few of his many wonderful hobbies, on top of his math and computer science background.
As a small child, my dad lost both of his parents to tuberculosis. When I think about his childhood, and his experience of being an orphan, I cannot but admire his capacity to be continuously inspired. My dad died in February this year, at 72. 
I always thought he would live forever. He had a huge personality and an eternally youthful spirit. 
My artwork is always reflective and comes from an emotional, not a cerebral place. Naturally, many of my artwork series are connected with the stages in my life. When my son Albert was born I created Albert's series, when my second son, Karl, was born I started Karl's series (and am still creating it). After my dad's passing, I started the Elysium series. Gvozdan will always be an anchor in my life.
I am so proud he was my dad.

*All works above Ana Zanic, 2017, from the "Elysium" series, watercolor on handmade paper, 30"x22"