Friday, July 20, 2018

An awesome week...

Blush Nebula, 22"x30" watercolor, 2018
What an exciting week this has been! My younger son Karl turned three, my eight-year-old Albert  and I ran our tenth 5k together, Croatia reached it to the very top in the World cup, being the 2nd soccer team in the world (I normally don't follow soccer, but, hey, this is a pretty amazing victory for my small but proud nation), Markel Fine Arts in New York sold four of my watercolor pieces, Walker Fine Art in Denver sold a series of my five "Return to Origin" panels, and my "Blush Nebula" piece just got accepted to this year's Evanston Biennial exhibition. I have to say I'm feeling pretty awesome right now ;-)
 Impromptu, 30"x22" watercolor, 2018

 Karl and Albert with their cheering spirit