Friday, February 14, 2020

Arrowhead Room, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL
January 10-February 11, 2020

Here are some more images from my solo exhibition at the Arrowhead Room of Waubonsee Community College. What a wonderful audience at my talk and I must say I had a blast doing a workshop with students. The title of the workshop was Mark Making: The duality of freedom and control, and I wanted to put an emphasis on freedom. We were using walnut ink and a dip pen for our marks (I created a piece of my own as well), and the drawings were subsequently all connected into one singular horizontal work, similar to the concept of "Exquisite Corpse".  

above: "In Search of Arcadia", watercolor on paper 95"x55", 2020 and "Gathering", ceramic installation 2010-2020

above:"Gathering", ceramic installation, 2010-2020 ongoing project

"Migration", series, watercolor and ink on wooden panel, 2020

*All the above images courtesy of Tonia Whitlock