Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Links Hall, Chicago
May, 23rd and 24th 2014

Last Friday and Saturday in Chicago's Links Hall one of my "Dream" watercolors was featured in a contemporary dance performance "Still Inspired?", which consisted of four choreographies inspired by four visual artworks.
A few months ago Michelle Modrzejewski, a choreographer and dancer, discovered my work online and contacted me to ask me if my watercolor could be an inspiration for her choreography. She sent me videos of some of her previous performances and I was quickly won over by their subtlety and elegance.
It was truly a remarkable experience to sit in the audience and view the beautiful duet dance piece, with my artwork projected on the wall as a backdrop, and I felt there was a true resonance between the performance and my painting; I felt the dance somehow made the painting more alive!
It was also very nice to receive my own applause at the end of the evening, when there was a short talk/discussion about the performance. Thank you Michelle for this amazing opportunity!

 I hope to have a chance to collaborate on another wonderful project like this in the future.

These are some of the images from the performance on Saturday.

Here is a little bit more information:
 Still Inspired (?) is a dance performance showcasing the inspirations of multiple independent dance and visual artists. With four pieces and four choreographers, the performance attempts to share visions within the realm of art between “still” and “live.”
Each choreographer is presenting a dance piece inspired by the work of a visual artist, taking the research and development of the work to a different place.

Still Inspired (?) also questions our current societal views of art as an outlet for creation, enlightenment, and education. With ever-changing advancements and the drive towards immediate satisfaction in our fast-paced technological world, can we as a society still be inspired by the patience and virtue of art as an alternate means of communication?

Choreographers/Visual Artists:

Lisa Scurlock/Rebecca Plotnick
Mary Tisa/Rebecca Moy
Michelle Burger Modrzejewski/Ana Zanic
Laura Thurston/ Sam Kirk

my piece; Dream, watercolor and ink, 12"x12"

Friday, May 09, 2014

                                                  BEING TRUE (to myself)

While dreams, no matter how real they might feel, can show themselves false, and even leave me disappointed; while things I say or do might get an unexpected response (or better yet - no response); I am always at ease when I throw myself in work of creating, as this is my haven, my shelter, my constant, and it never, ever fails me.

I am not saying there is anything bad with occasional disappointment; I understand that it might be really good for building character, and might on occasion make one even feel very wise.. it's just that I like feeling happy so much better.

I guess the only thrill that comes easy,  stays true, and never fails me is when I make things, when I make something new, and my own. Then the whole world is mine and I am a part of that whole, and I don't need anything else.
I am happy just being me.

   "Arcadia Cloud", watercolor, 18"x24"